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Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation Specialists
Your wedding dress is very precious in many ways, not only is it the most expensive dress you will probably ever own, it will hold some of your most treasured memories.
In order to preserve your wedding dress it is essential that you have it cleaned and stored in the correct manner to prevent fading, damage and ageing.
If you take your dress to a non-specialist cleaner many disastrous things could happen like beads could melt with the wrong solvent, glue for sticking diamantes can dissolve and paint could run or fade.
We specialise in wedding dress cleaning, we cater for all dresses including those labelled: specialist dry clean, spot clean, 'do not dry clean', baptise process and even those that do not carry a cleaning label.
We take pride in treating every dress as an individual with the care and attention it deserves. No matter what the cost every gown is precious in its own way.

Once your dress has been cleaned, you can choose for it to be carefully packed into a preservation box containing special PH neutral acid free tissue paper. The box and tissue will protect your cherished dress from atmospheric elements which can be harmful as well as preventing your dress from discolouring over several years.